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TwitPoet Features

Compose Limericks, Haiku and Rhyming Couplets.

Compose poems from:

Your Home feed.
A Trend.
A List.
Someone you're following.
Tweets you've searched for

Always have Something To Say

Stuck for words? Want to write a Limerick about Donald Trump? We've got you covered!

Get Viral

TwitPoet poems get lots of likes an retweets, especially if they contain #hashtags and @mentions



About Us


About Us

TwitPoet was written by two engineers as a side project. It came about because of a long term interest in computer generated text and poetry, and the realization that social media would be a good source for words, and a good place to send the resulting poems. We also realized that many people struggle to find something to say on social media. These two ideas were brought together, and TwitPoet was the result.

Our email: help@twitpoet.com

Stay in touch:


Privacy Policy

TwitPoet's Privacy Policy


Setting up TwitPoet

Setting up TwitPoet is very simple. All you need to do is log in to Twitter from Twitpoet.
The first time you run TwitPoet, you'll see the following page. Hit the Log in with Twitter button
This starts Twitter's standard login process, which can take a few seconds.
Note that this login is controlled entirely by Twitter. TwitPoet never sees your password.


You'll then get Twitter's Authorize page, as shown below.



Enter your Twitter login details and hit the Authorize app button. Again, this can take several seconds
TwitPoet will be logged in to your Twitter account, and start up. You'll see the Main Page, as below.

Composing a Poem and Tweeting it

Just hit the Compose button at the top right.
After a short delay while TwitPoet composes the poem, a dialog will appear displaying it.
Hit Tweet to send the poem to your Twitter feed or Cancel to reject the poem.
It's that easy!

With the default settings, you'll get a limerick compsed from your Twitter home timeline (the tweets you normally see in Twitter).

Main Page



Warning: YOU are responsible for all tweets you send from TwitPoet!

YOU are responsible for all tweets you send from TwitPoet. It is possible that TwitPoet could compose an offensive poem from the source you select (TwitPoet has no concept of taste!). It is up to you the user to read poems before they are sent, and take responsibility for the ones you do send. We do not condone or encourage sending offensive or hateful tweets.

Changing the Settings

From the Settings, you can:
    Select a different type of poem
    Select a different Tweet source
    Log Twitpoet out of Twitter, so you can log in with a different account
    Get help.

To go to the Settings page hit Settings button at the bottom right.
To return from the Settings page to the Main page hit TwitPoet button at the bottom left.

Settings Page


Poem Type.

Select Limerick, Haiku or Rhyming Couplet.

Tweets Source

TwitPoet can compose a poem from several sources of tweets.
You can select:
    Your Home timeline - All the tweets you normally see. This is the default.
    Someone you are Following.
        This will show a list of the people you follow. Select one!
        Poems will now be composed from their tweets.
        Hit the back button to return to the Settings page.
    A current Trend.
        This will show a list of current trends. Select one!
        Poems will now be composed from tweets on this trend.
        Hit the back button to return to the Settings page.
    A List.
        This will show a list of your Twitter Lists. Select one!
        Poems will now be composed from tweets in this list.
        Hit the back button to return to the Settings page.


Click on the account name (then OK) to log TwitPoet out from this Twitter account. You can then log TwitPoet in with a different Twitter account (or the same one!).


Hit About to get information about TwitPoet, and to access help.



Searching for Tweets

You can search for any topic on Twitter, and Twitpoet can compose a poem from the results.
To do this:
    From the Main Page, hit the Search button at the top right.
    Type in a word (or words) to search for. Keep it brief!
    Hit 'return' to start the search.
    Twitpoet will display a list of tweets that contain the search term (if the seach return any results).
    Hit the Compose button to compose a poem, in the usual fashion.